Corporate Strategy



Customer orientation

We at the TAU ICESA GROUP know that customer satisfaction is the key to growth. That is why we do everything we possibly can to identify the needs of our customers and meet their expectations – and always in a relationship that is close, ethical and transparent.

Responsibility and personal well-being

The TAU ICESA GROUP would like to make a commitment to the overall well-being of society by taking close care of the interests of its customers and the human resources that make up the group. 

Respect for the environment

The TAU ICESA GROUP feels committed to the principles of continuous improvement in all processes, activities and services carried out by the company.Employing our philosophy of added value, we encourage maximum standards of quality and occupational hazard protection. A key aspect of our corporate responsibility is the respect we show towards the environment and our voluntary commitment to the implementation of an environmental management system that favors the rational use of resources.

Creating value for shareholders

The TAU ICESA GROUP uses meticulous investment criteria that match its expansion policies and has devised a strategy of profitable growth in all business lines based on the optimization of existing projects and the development of new projects as determined through in-depth analysis of available business opportunities.


To be the benchmark group in Spain, with activities abroad, when it comes to construction, concession and service activities and to be recognized for our commitment to customers, people and the surrounding environment.


Know-how - Trust - Commitment - Internal and external responsibility - Growth - Profitability